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Sten / Stone

Group exhibition with Studio Stenkolsgatan and part of Gothenburg International Biennial Extended 2017, at Saltet.

Inägor och utmarker

An exhibition I organised around ideas on land, framing and forestry.
Galleri 54, 2016

...all my wishes are sincere

Exhibition at Fabriksg 48, 2016

Verbs / Verb - ongoing

An embroidery in the making containg verbs provided by the Swedish Employment Office
as a guide to improve a CV

Native Plants, Invasive Plants

Images from the book by the same namn at the Botanical Garden Gothenburg 2015

God/Ond/Vet inte
Good/Bad/Don't know

Wooden sculptures 2015

I min ficka / In my pocket

Images and text.

Diptukhos “folded in two”

A pair connected by details. 2014.

Six Locations

Wooden models.

From Partille to Las Vegas

Part of the exhibition Gapahuk - places for misuse made together with Meira Ahmemulic, 2012-2013, Gothenburg City Museum.


An ongoing series of images of plastic chairs.

Två Tårar

Installed in the boiler room of Konstepidemin, Göteborg
Crochet rope, Polypropylen. 2012 (2006).


Works from an exhibition with Mark Melvin at Galleri Pictura, Lund 2011

Till minne av de vita pelikanerna /
In Memory of the Great White Pelicans.

Work based on the pelicans at Slottsskogen, Göteborg. Bronze sculpture and screen printed map, 2011.

The Mobile Box - privatarkiv 17/05 2009 - 14/05 2010

A collaborative work with Nina Lassila and Lina Persson for Reality Check at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim

A Leak of Hindsight

Triptych, Dimensions variable, text on OSB board, 2010

Line of Action

An exhibition with Lina Persson at Galleri bob in early 2010. The joint exhibition had its starting point in the rule called Line of Action. A rule in film production that creates order and continuity in order to avoid confusion and disorder concerning reference points and positions.


Triptych 2008, Black and white images on Baryta paper. Part of the exhibition 'Connected by Signals' with Robertina Sebjanic at Obalne Galerije Piran, Slovenia.

The Wandering Darkhouse & A Cartographer's Breakdown

A portable lighthouse and a map that tries to map the fleeting.
Starting point at Reykjavik Arts Festival,May 2008.

När genvägar blir senvägar

A cyceling path made of rubber infill. For the
exhibition 'Permanens' Akademiska Hus, University of Linköping.
September 8th 2007 - June 2008

From A to B and Back Again

Eight people equipped with a horn each. The participants where located on rooftops, church towers and on the ground in order to create a chain of sound in the city center of Gothenburg.
March 27, 2007

To Swing Over a Field

A girl is swinging over and into the lanscape. Season changes yet nothing happens. 2.30min, played in loop, 2007

When the Wind Blows

An oscillation between violence and tenderness that sometimes merge and the border between the two becomes indistinguishable.
2.10min, 2006

Amy & John

A perpetual love story. This page also shows the crouched piece, Two Tears.
2.30min, played in loop, 2006

While they are waiting / a short film about love

15min, 2003


16 short films, 50sec-2min, 2001

Waiting For the Tide.

A series of 12 images.
C-type prints, 2001




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