As part of the artist-run publishing house, A Shoal of Mackerel, I would like to propose a mobile bookshelf project with a display of artists’ books. 

Artists’ books hold certain qualities; the ability to fold and unfold, handy formats, and hold the anticipation involved looking through a book. However, most importantly, they contain the room that an open book creates with the viewer/reader. This room can both be intimate and shared by others. A portable bookshelf wandering along the streets of a city and placed at specific locations at well defined times would progressively bring this ‘room’ to the spectator. It would emphasise the temporary room created between the book and the viewer. Furthermore, it provides a way to take an active part in the public space outside the commercial sphere and reclaim the public urban space.

Thus, the bookshelf becomes a dynamic bookshelf where items are gradually added and taken away, where the bookshelf it self contains sculptural qualities that are constantly changing, and where we, the organisers, give up control over its destiny and form.