Amy & John is a perpetual love story – a story that has its roots in subtle observations or encounters that occurs in the daily life.

The focus in this film lies in the interfaces of the three layers that constitute the image frame: the TV-monitor, the old couple and the subtitles. Equally is the structure of the narrative fracture and periodic, underlining the core of the film’s aching feeling of lost communication.



Tears/Tårar. The two freestanding tears stand as bright, blue coloured special entities. The material, usually used as nets or rope in fishery and agriculture, has a truly heavy texture, which contra points its sweet and soft manifestation of crying. Sadness, melancholy and humour are made concrete and solid by blue tragic-comic tears.

Tears was exhibited in connection to the video Amy & John. An imprecise and fluid bond was created between the two pieces.

Crouched plastic rope. 2006

Exhibited at 300m3 Art Space Gothenburg
Apropos 300