Native Plants, Invasive Plants

The origin of the work is the Swedish botanist Vivi Täckholm and the underlining question is,
”Cannot a plant that comes from somewhere else become natvie with time?”

At the greenhouse in the Botanical Garden some of the images from the book shared roof with plants from distant places. The greenhouse has a collection of rare and exotic plants and the garden as a whole is a mixture of academic research, museum and an amusement park for the general public. Vivi Täckholm was a researcher and wrote important academic books and articles about botany at the same time as she wrote about the daily life in Egypt. In those books she aimed at a wider audience and she generously shared her knowledge in history, culture, economics - and botany. I believe that she was driven by a wish to share knowledge and experiences in hope that knowledge creates understanding.

The Botanical Garden in Cairo is neighbouring the faculty and herbarium Vivi worked at. University of Gothenburg’s herbarium is just down the road from the greenhouse where these images was on display.

Published by Sailor Press 2015
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