The exhibitions title,"Gjen-tagelse" (from the old Danish word for repetition), is formed from two words "gjen" and "tagelse". In English we can recognise certain affinities: "Gjen" resembles "begin" and "tagelse" recalls, "take". The Danish word commonly translated into English as "repetition", taken more literally signifies: "take again". This suggests not merely that something recurs but also the possibility that it can be "taken again". Recollection may evoke emotions of sadness because it confirms the loss or absence of what can only be recollected and represented.
Gjentagelse, by contrast, is tonally different because it suggests the possibility of recovering what has been lost, of overcoming the transience of time and ultimately, finitude. It is a word that features in the writings of Kierkegaard where in short he argues that true gjentagelse only appears in the context of religion, when faith is returned to someone who has had a loss of faith. The notion of taking again is something both artists intend to explore through the various media they employ, in an effort to discuss the implications and possibilities that arise in both the philosophical and practical use of repetitive processes.

The photographic image is often “taken again”, small changes and adjustments are done both in the making of an image and during the printing process. This aspect of the word “Gentagelse” is the focus in Mari’s work; on the fact that within the repetition a mutation or a change can take place. Between each ‘takes’, a difference will appear, making a visual manifestation in what is perceived to be similar and what is perceived to be different. According to Mari’s work, movement and time hold the memory of both copy and original.

The exhibitions was shown at Galleri Pictura, Lund, spring 2011.
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No efforts are in vain
Letter prints on paper, 1,50 x 2m, 2011
Each letter is individual pressed onto the paper, a time consuming but meditative occupation. Like a mantra Lagerquist ties to convince the viewer - and her self, that no efforts are in vain. Though sometimes concentration has slipped or conviction failed and mistakes appears. The work sends thoughts to textile and the tactile. 


Thinking of Hissa Hilal
36 black & white slides


Torkställ / Drying racks x 2
Drawing on paper, 1,10 x 1,60m, 2011
Within the repetition a mutation and change takes place. Movement and time hold the memory of both the copy and original. The shift from one image to the next creates a gap where everything and anything can happen.