Fore some strange patriarchal reason there is still an unbalance between the genders and this lack of equality manifests itself over and over again. Therefore, as many times before, it’s time to “light up the lighthouse - it’s getting dark”. It is time for a feminist beam.

During the autumn 2012, Mari spend time in Alexandria, a city that is using the image of a lighthouse as its symbol, the lighthouse is also a recurring element in Maris work. In Alexandria the symbol is connected with the history of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but also a marker of the city’s position on the map as an important harbor at the edge of Egypt. The use of graffiti and stencils spread widely at the time of the revolution in 2011 and the activity often took a political objective. As elsewhere, using the public walls to get a message across to a wider audience is an easy and effective, though risky, strategy. Hence stencils are often preferred due to its rapid and versatile use.

The small size of ILLUME makes it effortlessly portable and can be used in any area or arena where light is needed.

The work was made for the mail-art project Bilaga and posted in time for the Internationall Womens Day.