Kolonist - Kolonisatör (Colonist – Colonizer)
digital print 2016

Not long ago I rented an allotment. After years of gardening, sweat and disappointments, I began to think that this land was mine. The land of course belonged to the municipality and owned by all the residents of the city, despite this fact I did not allow any kind of trespassing. When it was time to let go of the allotment large plants where squeezed into small pots, otherwise the plants would be lost to someone else, to a stranger.

John Loke said that there are "natural rights". He argued that by combining labor with an object, as happens when you for example cultivate, in that process the object turns into the worker's property.

What happens to us when we begin to belong to a place, when we inherit or own. What happens when we take responsibility, when we get control or access to a place?

Gatupaxare (Claimers)
various material

By laying claim to an area I can take possession of it. A simple and temporary object is often sufficient to tell others that “this place has been taken”. Feel free to take a Claimer with you and use it in any area or arena were needed.


The works where part of an exhibition I organised under the name Inägor & utmarker at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg.

Participating artist:

Nina Lassila

Stina Pettersson

Robertina Sebjanic

Nina Svensson