My three works circulates around the dark and the light, around the boarder between the two – or more precise – its break-up.

Yta / Surface  
Paper ribbon, crocheted. A surface that floats in the air, it separates the above from the below. A distinct shadow is  created and the image of the two surfaces alters due to time of the day and position of the viewer.

Upplyst is.
Video loop. Just as indistinct as the quality of the image is the person that travels on it. The light is not quite sufficient but it’s still possible to see, we are on the edge to disintegrate. The opposite is the persons movement; a simple, precise act; travel between light and dark crossing its border every time.

Personer på is / Five people and two dogs, Bergsjön.
6x6 slide viewd in a view master. Five people and two dogs walks across the ice in Bergsjön. The small view master transform this slide image into a possible still from a film set. The image asks for a story, a history and a continuation. At the exhibition the images also function as a reference point to the area Bergsjön and linking the area to my work.


Karin Faxéns text based on the exhibition and the area of Bergsjön was the starting point for the work Movement/Rörelse, a collaboration between Lina Persson, Karin Faxen and myself for BILAGA.

Text; Arkitektur är rörelse by Karin Faxén

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