Good/Evil/Don't know
God/Ond/Vet inte

Wooden sculptures in fir and birch approx 25x30cm 2015

This time the game turbines or game twisters do not show 1 X 2 but work under the words of Good, Evil, Don’t know. What is favourable by using 1 X 2 is that there are three options; two options with a definitive winner or looser and a middle option where both are winners or losers. Often in life one is asked to choose sides, that something has to be good or evil, good or bad. We all know that very seldom that is the case, life includes a bit of both, and rather often we don’t even know. All the more when our actions are random they can have a profound effect and they can be good or bad, or a bit of both.

Constructed at Bengt Janssons Snickeri Svenserud

Temporarily installed at Östra Ämtervik church.