To Swing Over a Field. 2007, played in loop.

A girl is swinging over and into the landscape. The only sound to be heard is from the squeaking noise and distant cars.

The film is constructed from two movements: firstly, the swing that constantly moves forward and backwards emphasising the horizon line as she moves in and out of frame. Secondly, the cyclic movement of the two sequences playing in a loop; summer turns into winter and winter fades into intertitles which says, ‘Don’t go, stay’/‘Do I have to?’/‘Yes’.  Restarted, we are back to summer.



When the work was showed in Switch - video art in a public context, on Ireland Triona Ryan wrote this text:

There were two large windows/screens located just at the junction of the two main streets of Pearse street and Kenyon street, a location we would have again in 2009. This is a busy intersection, populated by shops and banks; the traffic is paced by sets of lights and pedestrians waiting for crossing signals. At this intersection on the evening before the advertised launch, we did a live test of the work To Swing Over a Field by Mari Lagerquist.

When we stepped across the road to view the work we were joined by a man having a cigarette outside the local pub, Half-Barrel Bar, which was opposite the video piece. Our companion quickly stubbed out his cigarette and hustled back into the pub.  Within minutes there was a queue of people emptying out to see To Swing Over a Field.

What they saw was a girl using a swing; she is seen in outline as the sun is behind her. The scale of the projection was such that the figure looked life-size. The play of light in the video created a situation whereby she could almost be in the space itself. There we were standing among thirty or forty people watching this work and debating about the girl; first in concern and then in realisation that she wasn’t real. How it was possible, how was this being done? The girl caused quite a stir in a place where word of mouth is fast. She is still referred to today. /…/
In Switch 2008 the participating artists’ works responded to the theme of inside-out and literally emptied venues. Perhaps if you find yourself in Nenagh in the Half Barrel Bar someone might remember the girl on the swing.

Triona Ryan