Tactical Magic is a book that contains ten different tricks in black and green. Among favourites are Levitation, Wobbly Wig and a special trick just for ones own pleasure; Double Nose Tip.


These tricks are well known and their successes are based on the spectator’s willingness to accept the illusion. As our cicerone we choose George W. Bush as we found that he suits the role as a good illusionist. We hope you find the book useful.     

To order your copy please email lagerquistmari@hotmail.com or
ashoalofmackerel@gmail.com or visit www.ashoalofmackerel.com

or one of these shops, institutes;

Konsthallen, Umeå
Konsthallen, Malmö
Alma Löv, Östra Ämtervik
Sjön Books

or a library of your choice;

The Bodleian Library, Oxford
The University Library, Cambridge
The National Library of Scotland
The Library of Trinity Collage, Dublin
The National Library of Wales
Machintosh Library, Glasgow School of Art

And as everything successful,
there is now a t-shirt made on demand (note; only avalible trick is Jumping Fingers and Double Nose Tip)